TEAM AFC Wimbledon SEASON(S) Late 2000s?

In 2004 Wimbledon owner Pete Winkleman controversially moved the club out of London to the new town of Milton Keynes and then named the team Milton Keynes Dons, retaining the nickname of the original club as part of the new club's identity which caused ructions back in the burgh of Wimbledon in London. Fans of Wimbledon and the local community then formed a new club from scratch holding open trials for players and starting to work their way up through the English league pyramid. Within ten years they had worked their way back to the Football League. AFC play in the same colours as the original Wimbledon did and this is reflected in the blue and yellow stripe on this fairly basic away shirt. AFC have also taken basically the same badge as the original Wimbledon and have taken on the history and heritage including all the old trophies after a bit of a wrangle with MK Dons. There was genuine bad blood between the two clubs and even in 2012 when they finally met in an FA Cup game there was an edge to it and one particularly good chant by the AFC fans who taunted MK Dons with the question "Where were you when you were us?"

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