TEAM Anzhi Machachkala SEASON(S) 2003

My thanks are due to Oleg Burlakov from Moscow who sent me this frighteningly rare match worn Anzhi Makhachkala shirt from Dagestan in the far south west of Russia. The shirt itself is a reasonably standard Nike shirt and, according to Oleg, was used by Anzhi during the 2003 season. I'm no expert on Dagestani language variants but I am assured by no less a reliable source than Wikipedia that Anzhi means "soil" in the local dialect which makes the team's name translate rather strangely into English (and a number of other languages I'd imagine) The three coloured bars on the badge under the cyrillic "Anzhi" are those of the flag of Dagestan. This is a really fantastic shirt and a valued addition to the museum.

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