TEAM Arsenal SEASON(S) 2006

Arsenal generally play in their iconic red shirts with white sleeves and that's that. For their last year at their Highbury home they adopted this "redcurrent" look harking back to a colour historically worn by the club. This one season wonder was a nice touch and must have given someone at Nike a break from having to design the same shirt over and over again. In my opinion Nike do Arsenal a disservice by consistently producing very dull designs especially away shirts but this departure is a decent one. This shirt carries the revised Arsenal badge adopted in 2002 with the reversed direction cannon. It all looks a bit more "corporate" to me than the original Arsenal badge. The shirt also displays the name and number of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry who I always felt was a tad overrated but fair's fair scored a shedload of goals and led Arsenal through the 2000s. I think the Chris Kay designed premiership name and numbers should actually be gold on this shirt but Ebay trawlers can't be choosers.     

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