TEAM Aston Villa SEASON(S) 2008

For someone who isn't a Villa fan I do have a lot of Villa shirts. I got this one for a couple of reasons. Firstly it's got the "Acorns" sponsorship which was a fantastic gesture by Aston Villa. Acorns is a children's hospice which works in the midlands of England to help children and families going through the worst possible times. Villa not only used the sponsorship of their shirt to raise awareness of the hospices but also made a contribution towards the hospice facilities. In the overall scheme of things it's a drop in the ocean to a club with the turnover of Villa but they have done it while other bigger richer clubs haven't bothered their backsides to do it. Barcelona did this originally but to the best of my knowledge Villa were the first team in the UK to do so. Secondly, the shirt was prepared for the UEFA cup, a much underrated tournament, in it's final season before it was rebranded to the Europa league. The shirt carries the name of Australian defender Shane Lowry. The sleevebadge carries the UEFA cup logo with the stylised UEFA cup trophy, possibly the ugliest trophy in the history of the game.

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