TEAM Athletic Bilbao SEASON(S) 1997
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Hat's off to the boys from the Basque country. This is a superb effort for their centenary jersey. It's a mystery to me how Bilbao do so well in the Primera Liga when they refuse to sign Non-Basque players, even allowing for what can be a rather loose interpretation of . Surely that contravenes some EU right to work directive doesn't it? Interesting fact, apart from Barca and Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao are the only team never to have been relegated from the Primera Liga (yet!). It's worth noting that the club isn't "Atletico Bilbao" as that is too Spanish and "Athletic" is more relevant to the club's historical British connections. The stylised stickman logo has been retained by Bilbao and is sometimes still used on the club's shirts.


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