TEAM Austria SEASON(S) 1996

Austria were at one time something of a major power in world football and this shirt is a reminder of that time. In recent times the team's fearsome reputation has reduced and they have also adopted the colours of the Austrian flag rather than the white shirt and black shorts which is perhaps more reminiscent of their German neighbours. I absolutely love the fantastic heraldic motif on the badge of this shirt. The Imperial eagle is a real change from the painfully dull badges you normally find on central European shirts. I have very happy memories of this shirt as Austria wore it when I watched Scotland beat them 2-0 in Glasgow during the 1998 World Cup qualifiers. Kevin Gallagher scored what must have been as good a goal as he ever scored that night but I'm not all that sure he meant it. Puma also used this very same shirt for Derby County although the Rams didn't look quite so imposing as the Austrians did.

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