TEAM Barcelona SEASON(S) 2006

Back in 2005 when the great Ronaldinho was at the absolute zenith of his powers, ruling the roost and entertaining the world with his flair and charisma I read an interview with him in which he denied being the best player in the world (which he clearly was at the time) because he wasn't even the best player at Barcelona. The best player at Barcelona was some kid on the fringes of the youth team called Lionel Messi apparently. Messi has since gone on to become the best player at Barcelona, the best player in the world and arguably the best ever to pull on a pair of football boots. This is another example of Nike's anti-racism shirt used as part of the Stand up, speak up campaign although I don't recall Barca ever playing in it. I suspect it is more of a promotional shirt rather than a straight Barcelona shirt. Despite that it's anice addition to the collection given it's anti-racism message and the name and number of the great Messi on the back.

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