TEAM Bassano Virtus 55 SEASON(S) 2008

The more observant amongst you might have noticed some striking similarities between this shirt and the Alanaia Vladikavkaz shirt which is also on the site. I wonder if the copyright lawyers at Umbro have noticed it as well. As well as the red and yellow stripes (which even the most pedantic lawyer would struggle to claim the rights to) there is the shield motif on the back for the number. Adidas did try a similar thing in the late 1990s with Newcastle United which had mixed results. And so the shirt, Bassano Virtus are from the lower reaches of the Italian League and hail from the town of Bassano Del Grappa in Veneto in northern Italy. The club is owned by the guy who owns the Diesel clothing brand which explains the sponsorship and, strangely enough, the "55" in the club's name. The 55 relates to the year that the club's owner was born which is on one hand narcissistically insane and on the other hand simply inexplicable. As you would expect from Adidas the shirt is well made and this particular one has an unusual embossed design on the underarm panels.

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