TEAM Bolton Wanderers SEASON(S) 2005

It's fair to say that Reebok aren't my favourite manufacturer and this shirt is a good example of why that is. The design of the shirt is average and the quality of the material is more like something from the mid 1990s rather than the mid 2000s. The badgework is heatpressed prints and the actual cut of the material doesn't look all that great. Add to that the fact that in my opinion the Bolton badge design is a pretty nondescript corporate job which looks like someone tinkered with some Microsoft clip art for 10 minutes and you'll be wondering why the shirt is even in the collection in the first place! Kevin Nolan, the former Bolton captain whose name is on the back of the shirt was a player who outperformed his abilities for Bolton and was able to chip in with more than his fair share of goals from midfield.

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