TEAM Botafogo SEASON(S) 2010
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Brazil has many teams in it's gargantuan system of national and regional leagues with the same name which means that very often clubs are differentiated by an abbreviated state designation as a suffix. Botafogo are a big name in Brazilian football but sadly it's not this club which is better known. Their more illustrious namesakes form Rio de Janeiro are the club most people think of when you mention Botafogo but the Paulistas are a club with a proud history of their own. While they may not have won national championships like the Rio club they have at times fielded players like the great Socrates and his younger brother Rai, both of whom captained Brazil at world cups. The club form Ribeirao Preto may well be called Botafogo but their shirt is much more like that of Sao Paulo. The Kanxa made shirt is very well done with different materials being used in different panels to good effect both aesthetically and practically. This is yet another shirt sent to my my Brazilian collector, Bira Rezende. Is it just me or is the badge attached somewhat lopsidedly? 

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