TEAM Brasiliense SEASON(S) 2008
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There are almost no teams in Brazil which play in the country's national colours. I suppose it's understandable given the almost religious fanaticism which Brazilians have for football and the reputation you'd have to live up to. Even with that in mind I think that if your team name is Brasiliense, you play in the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and your state flag colours are also those of the national flag then you have a right to wear the colours. Brasiliense, like the city of Brasilia is a relative newcomer to the Brazilian leagues and as yet has yet to come to real prominence outside Brazil. The club's nickname is Jacare which refers to the Yacare caiman shown on the badge and which can be found lounging in the rivers of the Amazon. The club's stadium is known as the "Alligators Mouth" which is an almost quaint touch. I am once again obliged to thank my friend from Brazil, Bira for his help in getting this fantastic shirt from the sultry heat of Brazil to the storage box that is the museum. Obrigado Bira! 

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