TEAM Brazil SEASON(S) 2006

What collection would be complete without a shirt sporting the name of arguably the greatest player of all time? Ok, obviously Pele didn't play in this shirt having retired a good 30 years before it was made but I once read that he offered to play for Brazil as late as the 1986 World Cup. come to think of I don't think Brazil even played in this shirt. Nike made the half and half anti racism shirts for friendly matches in 2006 but to the best of my knowledge only Portugal and the Netherlands played in them. I have seen these shirts made up with Arsenal and Barcelona badges but the Brazil one carries just a bit more gravitas. I suspect that Nike made the shirts up for a number of different countries and clubs as part of the anti-racism campaign. This shirt may well be a bit of a corporate mock up but it's a nice little addition to the collection. 

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