TEAM Centro Deportivo Municipal SEASON(S) 2007

My thanks for this shirt go to Peruvian collector Luis Antonio Villegas Condezo. The observant amongst you will notice the similarity between this shirt and that of the Peruvian national team and the more knowledgeable will know that they're not alone in the Peruvian league in using the national colours for a home shirt. I think it's fair to say that Deportivo are one of Lima's lesser known clubs and tend not have the (relative) fame of city rivals such as Alianza and Sporting Cristal. Convert are a relatively obscure manufacturer and the shirt is reasonably well made but very lightweight as are many smaller clubs from South America. In line with so many other South American shirts this one "sports" the number 10 and looks all the better for it. One interesting thing about the club is that their stadium's nickname is "The field of the dead" which must surely affect the atmosphere at matches!

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