TEAM Clyde SEASON(S) 2004

Clyde are a club with something of a nomadic history in Scottish football. Originally from Glasgow, after over 120 years in the city they moved to the new town of Cumbernauld where the club's eponymous river doesn't actually flow.  Clyde traditionally play in white with black and red trim and as such can on occasion have some rather dull looking shirts. Luckily this is one of The "Bully Wee's" (one of Scotland's strangest team nicknames) better looking shirts and with the two bands across the chest looks strangely reminiscent of Sao Paulo. I've seen Clyde play on a few occasions and let me assure you that there comparisons with Clyde and Sao Paulo must end. I am much obliged to Scottish collector, and Clyde fan, Peter for sending this fantastic shirt for the museum. 

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