TEAM Corinthians SEASON(S) 2005
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My friend from Sao Paulo, Bira, is a huge Corinthians fan and was good enough to send me this shirt. This is a shirt which must be kind of bittersweet shirt from Corinthians fans as it carries the name of Carlitos Tevez who played well for them in his short time in Brazil before his (and Javier Mascherano's) extremely dodgy transfer to West Ham. Tevez won the Brazilian player of the year in 2005 when Corinthians won Serie A. The transfer led to no end of trouble for West Ham who really only got half a season out of Tevez (and absolutely nothing out of Mascherano) but it was also bad news for Corinthians who were heavily financially entwined with MSI, the company who sold/leased/loaned/whatever the players to West Ham. MSI's financial management went very badly for the Timao (as Corinthians are known) who were relegated shortly after. The shirt itself is a pretty standard Nike 90 design which works well in Corinthians classic colours.

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