TEAM Costa Rica SEASON(S) 2002

I have an uncommon surname and never expected to see it on the back of a shirt at a world cup and certainly not on a Costa Rica shirt. Someone somewhere is playing some sort of cosmic joke on me as the only player to play at a World Cup with my surname plays for a country who once humiliated Scotland at a previous tournament. To heighten the level of strange coincidence Steven Bryce came on as a sub in one game replacing a player named Harold Wallace so the caption looked like Wallace > < Bryce and my Dad's name is Wallace Bryce as I expect you've already worked out. On a technical level the shirt doesn't have the correct 2002 Joma print on the back but only the very saddest sort of collector would even note that. Steven Bryce was an attacking midfielder who played almost 80 times for Costa Rica. An item of minor note about the Costa Rica team back in 2002 was that in one match their defender Mauricio Wright had his name misspelled on the back of his shirt (WRIHGT!). Shouldn't Costa Ricans have Hispanic surnames? The 2002 squad list is starting to read like my high school class register. My final item of note on this shirt is that after my Dad gave me it I played five a side football in it just once. I scored a hat trick and celebrated each goal in a most unsportsmanlike manner pointing a the name on the back. I got one shot at playing a game with my name on the shirt and milked it shamelessly. It should be noted that despite my surname I have never represented Costa Rica.

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