TEAM Dallas Burn SEASON(S) mid 2000s ?
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Back in the mid 90s when the MLS was set up there were various influences on the team names. Artificially creating franchises in various cities meant that marketing them very specifically so I have no idea why "Dallas Burn" occurred to the boffins at MLS ably assisted by Nike etc. What burns in Dallas? I'd imagine a shot to the back of the head from the Texas School Book Depository smarts a bit but does it burn? And the fire breathing horse on the badge? Any ideas? This is what happens when teams and leagues don't develop organically. Mad stuff. The shirt is a fairly standard Atletica number from sometime around the mid 2000s. Dallas Burn were one of the first MLS franchises to decide to rebrand themselves and adopted the more European but still inexplicable FC Dallas in 2005.

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