TEAM Everton SEASON(S) 2003

This shirt dates from the time when Puma, amongst others, went for a tighter and more fitted style of shirt. This is probably one of Puma's better shirts made for the Toffees. The main reason I got this shirt for the collection is that it carries the name and number of James McFadden. "Faddy" is a football evolutionary throwback to the old tricky winger that Scotland used to generate by the truckload. Small, low centre of balance and skilful McFadden also has a little bet of devilment in him and is as likely to be booked for kicking a defender as getting kicked. The modern game is perhaps not best suited to McFadden's style of play and at times he struggled to get regular football at club level which is one of the reasons he later moved on from Everton but eventually ended up back there after injury had arguably robbed him of his best form.

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