TEAM Fakel Voronezh SEASON(S) 2008

Ever since I started swapping shirts with my good friend Anton I have wanted a Fakel Voronezh shirt. Fakel are Anton's local team and to my despair essentially went bankrupt in the late 2000s. The club has since reformed and started climbing back up through the Russian League system. Despite this turmoil Anton has yet again achieved the miraculous and somehow conjured up this footballing relic. The shirt appears to be player worn and while she has clearly seen a bit of action and carries the scars of a few battles she's a beauty. The word "Fakel" means torch in English and my vague understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet leads me to believe that the torch design on the badge is a stylised Russian letter "F". The writing on the back simply says Fakel Voronezh. I confess to having a real soft spot for Fakel having won the Russian league with them on the PC game Football Manager 2007 and they would be my Russian team of choice until such times as I find a Russian clubs who play in black and white stripes. Click on his picture to see his website and his own very impressive collection.

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