TEAM France SEASON(S) 2004

Normally I wouldn't get ANOTHER France shirt but I picked this one up for two reasons. Firstly I really like the style of numbering used by Adidas on this shirt and secondly I felt the collection should have a memento of the great Zinedine Zidane's career. Zidane's career ended controversially although at the very highest level and I may be wrong but I think he's the only man to score in two World Cup finals. For what it's worth, Materazzi had it coming in 2006 and while I'm not endorsing violence it was Materazzi. My only critisism of the great Zizou is that he should have headbutted the big Italian wind up merchant squarely on the bridge of the nose. If you're getting sent off in the World Cup final you might as well make your point.

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