TEAM France SEASON(S) 2010

The 2010 World Cup, while not a classic, was a better tournament than it got credit for. From a less than charitable perspective part of the entertainment was the complete, total and utter meltdown of the French squad who gave us poor performances, bad results and extremely public spats and bust ups. In fairness the French squad had been limping for some time since 2004, getting to the 2006 World Cup final on the back of a couple of fortunate breaks and gritty performances. In 2010 Adidas introduced it's Techfit shirts complete with the rubberised cross over the shoulder blades and down the sides of the chest. God knows what it's meant to do or if it's just a marketing gimmick but it does feel strange when you wear it. Maybe it feels comfy and natural if you're an elite athlete at the height of your powers but if, like you're not, it feels a bit strange. The design of the shirt has an echo of the French away shirts of the early to mid 80s which is no bad thing. It's a pity for the French that the 2010 vintage couldn't have some of the class and success of the 1980s vintage.

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