TEAM Gremio Esportivo Gloria SEASON(S) 2007?
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Brazil has many clubs with the name "Gremio" and the majority of them come from Rio Grande Do Sul in the far south of Brazil. I'm no linguist but as far as I can understand Gremio is Portuguese for guild. I'm not really sure why this title is used for so many clubs. The shirt is pretty nice and benefits from the classic Marseille-esque colour scheme. It's the first shirt I've seen made by the manufacturer Skyroad and in an interesting diversion from the norm the manufacturer's logo is placed on the back of the shirt, not the front. As it's a Brazilian shirt I'm invariably due at this point to thank my good friend from Brazil, Bira for sending this shirt to me. That's Bira at the left of the screen with his kids Biatriz and Francisco.

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