TEAM Great Britain SEASON(S) 2012
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I can't remember if this shirt was actually used at the Olympics. I certainly don't recall seeing either the mens or womens "Team GB" using it. Incidentally doesn't "Great Britian" only refer to the mainland and minor islands and exclude Northern Ireland? Surely it should have been "Team UK". I do however remember seeing the shirt being used in the Paralympics where it was used in such events at the seven aside event for layers with Cerebral Palsy and the blind football. If you ever want to be utterly amazed and humbled watch the blind football at the Olympics. The players are blindfolded but have such amazing skills and ball control as to appear as if they have superpowers. Obviously these abilities are the result of natural talent, determination and unending practice but that only heightens the amazement you should feel. It does also lead to some rather full bodied, agricultural tackling and the incongruous display of a referee showing a blindfolded player a red card. How does the blind player know they've been red carded? The shirt is a simple recolouring (or should that be decolouring) of the home shirt with the Union Flag motif being marked out if grey tones rather than blues.
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