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The summer Olympics of 2012 was the first time in my lifetime that there was a British football team taking part. There are good historical reasons for there being no British team playing Olympic football key amongst them being that it could cause problems in FIFA about the four British home nations taking part while a unified team played in the Olympics. As the host nation of the 2012 games Great Britain was given qualification to all sports, even ones with no real history or participation like water polo and handball. The football team always felt like a temporary affair with Stuart Pearce in charge picking essentially a core of players he knew from the England U-21 squad and liberal sprinkling of Welshmen, all of whom played in the English leagues. There may well have been no Scots or Ulstermen in the squad on merit but it does kind of look like he couldn't be bothered doing the research. The mens team never really gelled as a squad and stuttered through the group stage only to be knocked out in a penalty shoot out. Well, this is what happens when you fill the team with Englishmen! The womens team fared better and always seemed like a more cohesive unit and even beat the mighty Brazil during their Olympic adventure. The kit, as with all of the British Olympic team was designed by Stella McCartney around the Union Flag. It seems strange to me as I simply don't associate the flag with football the way I do with almost every other flag in the world. That being said the shirt works well and was probably the one good thing to come out of the whole Team GB football experiment.
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