TEAM Gremio Recreativo Barueri SEASON(S) 2008
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Gremio Barueri as they are known are a relatively new club in Brazil. They are less well known than their namesakes from Porto Alegre. This rather excellent shirt came to me from Marcos from Sao Paulo via his friend (and mine) Bira. that's Marcos on the right of the photo up in the corner of the screen. My thanks go both to Bira and Marcos for getting this excellent shirt into the museum. The club were formed in 1989 but at first were an amateur side and didn't turn professional until 2001. Since then they have rocketed up through the divisions both at state and national level and according to Bira, are something of a footballing phenomenon in Brazil. It is the first shirt in the collection made by Kanxa and it's a very well made shirt and well designed (especially for an away shirt).

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