TEAM Grindavik SEASON(S) Late 1990s?

I'm just going to refer to this team as Grindavik rather than Knattspyrnudeild Ungmennafélag Grindavíkur which id their full name. Former St Mirren favourite Gudmunder Torfasson played for them which I have no doubt is the proudest moment in the club's history. The shirt is decent but not spectacular although the badge has a very intricate football design on it. I'd say the ball on the badge was probably an Adidas Tango 1982. To give you an idea how small a footballing environment Iceland is Grindavik is something like the twelfth or thirteenth biggest community on the island and it has a population of 2800. Bear in mind that the island consistently pumps out players for leagues all round Europe and that the national team holds it's own and yet has a population of about 320000 altogether.

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