TEAM Guarani SEASON(S) late 2000s
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I have been very impressed with the development of Finta's shirts. at one time their shirts were a little old fashioned in terms of production and design but throughout the mid 2000s Finta have, like most of the major South American manufacturers, developed rapidly and now produce shirts to rival most of the European and North American manufacturers. This Guarani shirt is an example of this development. It is still quite lightweight which is reasonable for a team which plays near the equator. Guarani's real claim to fame is that they were the first club of the great Brazilian striker Careca who remains the club's top scorer until this day. The club are from the city of Campinas in Sao Paulo state and are named after an indigenous people of South America and the official language of Paraguay. Figure that one out, how many teams are named after a language? I am obliged to thank my friend Bira for the umpteenth time for this fantastic shirt's presence in the museum. 

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