TEAM Hammarby SEASON(S) 2002

Hammarby, the only team which ever made me cry.  I was a mere lad back in the 1980s when St Mirren, having disposed of Slavia Prague were drawn against Hammarby of Sweden. The away leg went well with a 3-3 draw and Brian Gallagher nabbing a hat-trick (yes a St  Mirren player did score a hat-trick in the UEFA cup). The home leg on the other hand was different story. St Mirren were winning 1-0 with only a few minutes left when the Swedish substitutes scored two goals in the last five minutes and St Mirren were out of the cup. In truth the Swedes had a third goal disallowed and from what I remember St Mirren were lucky it was disallowed but that didn't help to ease the pain of the mugging that took place that night at Love St. Many years have passed since then and while I don't resent the club from Stockholm the merest mention of their name triggers footballing post traumatic stress in St Mirren fans. This shirt carries the number 12 on the back which the club has "retired" and devoted to their fans so it seems to be a popular number for the back of their replica shirts. 

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