TEAM Harchester United SEASON(S) 1997

As I'm sure you know there is no such place as Harchester and no such team as Harchester United. This is a promotional jersey from Sky One's series "Dream Team" which revolves around the fictional club. I've never really watched it but as far as I can ascertain from my better half the team seems to be owned by a succession of increasingly pretty young actresses each series all of whom interact with the players in an unprofessional manner. As an aside the nutcase who changed York City's name to Your City Soccer Club to increase their profile in the USA (seriously) wanted to buy Mansfield Town and change their name to Harchester United for marketing reasons. Apparently he went to a Mansfield match and had to get a police escort out of the ground. Perhaps he should have tried to buy Manchester united from the Glazers and change the name Coronation Street Wanderers. 

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