TEAM Hibernians SEASON(S) ?

This is another shirt which doesn't come from where you think it should. It seems strange to me that the none of the clubs referring to Hibernia in their name are actually from Hibernia, or Ireland as it's better known to those of you who aren't Latin scholars. This club hail from the small town of Paolo, just outside Valletta. I'm not entirely sure why the club chose the name Hibernians  back in the 1920s when they had to change name to disassociate themselves form a politically pointed origin. They normally play in my favourite shirt design of black and white stripes and this one is a bit of a stretch to say it's stripes but it's just about there. It's made by Valsport, a brand I've only ever seen elsewhere on replica shirts made  for the UK tv series "Dream Team". The black and white colour scheme seems a bit understated given the colourful nature of the peacock on the badge.

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