TEAM Jose Galvez SEASON(S) 2007 ?

Mention the name Peru to us Scots and we shiver and remember a firm thrashing by the Peruvians at the 1978 world cup when the South Americans wore a shirt very similar to this one. To this day Peru play in a white shirt with the red diagonal and it seems to be a popular shirt design for clubs in the country itself. This is an interesting contrast to Peru's neighbour Brazil, where almost no clubs wear the national colours never mind a close facsimile of the national team shirts. This shirt is made by Walon who also have a history of making shirts for the Peruvian national side and is what you would term a "classic" South American design. As for the club, I can't tell you much about them. They play in the city of Chimbote and Jose Galvez is a hero in Peruvian history. This shirt was sent to my Peruvian collector Luis Antonio Villegas Condezo. Muchos gracias Luis!

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