TEAM Juventus SEASON(S) Mid 2000s

Once again Bira came up this Brazilian gem for the museum. The amateur linguists amongst you will have noted that Juventus is not a Portuguese word, but an Italian word (thus the eponymous Italian giants). As you probably know Juventus is Italian for youth but the Portuguese translation of youth is "juventude" which is the name of a completely different club from Rio Grande Do Sul state. The story behind this club is deliciously eccentric. The club was formed by two brother who were immigrants to Sao Paulo from Turin in Italy. One of the brothers was Juventus fan, the other a Torino fan and they agreed to call the club Juventus but play in Torino's colours. The shirt itself is a relatively lightweight shirt but a much valued addition to the museum given the clubs obscurity and points of interest. Apparently the club revels in the nickname "The Naughty boy" which is a reference to Juventus' precociousness and sheer audacity at beating some of the bigger and more established teams in Brazilian football.

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