TEAM Kidderminster Harriers SEASON(S) 2010

Kidderminster Harriers were always a team which attracted attention at the tail end of the TV or radio football results as it's an unusual epithet for a football team, Harriers. When I was but a lad a Harrier was a fighter plane and I well remember being confused as to why a football team from down south was named after those planes from the Falklands conflict. Later I learned that the team grew out of an athletics club and that for yet another reason I don't understand every second athletics club in the UK is called "Harriers". Anyway even now the club bounces round non league football and has even popped into the league for a short time. Not surprisingly the shirt is a standard Nike template retrofitted to club spec. It has to be said that Kidderminster have a much cooler badge than they deserve.

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