TEAM Los Angeles Galaxy SEASON(S) 2007
HOME/AWAY Home COUNTRY United States of America

This is a shirt worthy of discussion on a few different levels. Firstly there's the team itself, a part of football's pained introduction into the USA. Unfortunately for Galaxy, Deportivo Chivas USA set up in LA as a rival to the Galaxy and almost immediately took up the football following demographic in California. Secondly there is the sponsor who are a big company who sell rather controversial weight loss products which seems to sit quite nicely with the superficial nature of the who La Galaxy franchise. This is from the first season in which MLS clubs carried sponsorship on the shirts. Thirdly there is the fact that it's got David Beckham's name on it. Beckham is a divisive figure. A somewhat overrated figure in my opinion it has to be said that his tenure in the states wasn't entirely successful give the Galaxy's pretty atrocious form for the majority of his time at the club and the fact he was back on the first plane to Europe as soon a chance to play in a higher profile league popped up or if there was a celeb party to attend.  

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