TEAM Luxembourg SEASON(S) 2008

Luxembourg might well look like a strange little triangular country cased when France, Belgium and Germany collided but it's actually a very nice place. I had the good fortune to go there to watch a Euro qualifier when the Luxembourgers drew 0-0 with Belarus. I felt a little miffed at going all that way to see a 0-0 draw but had travelled a lot less than the few hundred Belarusians that turned up in buses and coaches from the height of the Cold War. This shirt is a solid enough effort from Jako and they've gone to the lengths of putting a hologram on it to confirm it's official Luxembourgish FA merchandise. Without being cruel I can't imagine there's much of a market for unofficial stuff can you? It's a rather suave little number sent to the collection by Canada's (probable) premier International shirt collector, Eric.   

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