TEAM Malwee SEASON(S) 2009
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In Brazil Futsal is a popular sport in a way it is difficult to understand here in North West Europe. It has been said that a big part of the reason that Brazilian footballers have such good close control and ball skills is that Futsal is so popular. Futsal is also big in Spain and they produce the odd player now and again. Malwee played in the own of Jaragua do Sul for a few years until the team disbanded in 2010 and then reformed in 2012 under a different name. GThe name on the back is that of Falcao. Falcao is a name with real heritage in Brazil and you wont be surprised to read that this isn't the great Falcao of the Brazilian team of the early 1980s. Te Falcao this shirt refers to is actually Allesandro Rosa Vieira who is one of the finest players ever to play Futsal. Falcao had a respectable career in association football but really came into his own in futsal. He scored hundreds of goals not only for his clubs but also in excess of 300 goals for Brazil at Futsal. This away shirt is a well made Umbro shirt and a fitting addition collection sent by my good friend from Brazil.

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