TEAM Melgar SEASON(S) 2012

Some shirts have a bit of a journey to the museum but few can have such a long one as this beauty from Peru. Dave from was speaking to a Peruvian woman who imported goods from South America to the UK while at a storage facility. She mentioned that her father who had connections to Melgar was a fan of Liverpool and of he could get a Liverpool shirt for him she'd get him to send a Melgar shirt for Dave. Dave duly did so and forgot about it. About three years later Dave got a call from the storage facility saying the Peruvian woman had handed the shirt in for him even though he'd stopped using the storage facility years before. Dave very kindly passed the shirt onto me and I gratefully received it for the collection. The club are from the southern Peruvian city of Arequipa and always play in a home kit of the very traditional style.

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