TEAM Millwall SEASON(S) 1997

This top isn't all that spectacular although the quality of the jersey is surprisingly good. The sponsorship is the interesting part. Live TV was a now defunct cable channel which largely showed programmes which were an excuse for (usually) attractive young ladies to take their clothes off. The weather was done by a Norwegian girl called Anne Marie Foss (see the not at all gratuitous picture on the right of Ms Foss wearing the away variant of this shirt) who would do the UK weather in Norwegian and the Norwegian weather in English. Regardless of the language she did the weather in a bikini. I'm no TV critic but I suspect that wasn't what John Logie Baird had in mind when he invented the television. As for the shirt itself it's a surprisingly heavyweight example of Asic's work. A close examination of the material shows it to be almost like a dual layer lined effect which is very unusual for a shirt of it's age.

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