TEAM Montevideo Wanderers SEASON(S) 2010?

Uruguay is in many ways one of the spiritual homes of football being Olympic champions in the early years of the 20th century and the small matter of a couple of World Cup wins so I'm always delighted to get shirts from that intriguing country. I'm due to thank Uruguayan collector Gustavo for this fantastic bit of kit from Montevideo Wanderers who include the great Enzo Francescoli amongst their alumni. The club's name is a reference to their nomadic origins and a strong English influence in it's early years. The shirt is similar to a few other South American kappa shirts in terms of it's tight fitting stretchy materiel similar to the old "Kombat" designs. Wanderers are not one of Uruguay's bigger clubs despite their long history. Obviously the shirt is even more important for the collection due it's black and white stripeyness which instantly makes a shirt awesome. the Bohemio on the back of the shirt is the team's nickname. 

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