TEAM Nagoya Grampus Eight SEASON(S) 1996

Typical Umbro mid 90's J-League top for Gary Lineker's former club. These were at one time fairly common for some reason but, as with all J-League jerseys are increasingly hard to get. Like many Japanese shirts of the period this shirt has an unusually worded little motto on it. While there's nothing new there I don't understand why it seemed like a good idea to put it on the part of the shirt which covers the navel or crotch or even been hidden if the shorts are tucked in. The shirt dates from a period when Nagoya had one of my favourite players, Dragan Stojkovic on the books and Arsene Wenger in the dugout. In 2008 the club changed their name Nagoya Grampus, losing the strange "Eight". Apparently "Grampus" is a reference to two dolphins on top of Nogoya Castle.

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