TEAM Netherlands SEASON(S) 1988
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Your eyes do not deceive you it truly is that famous jersey from the 1988 European Championships. Who can forget Van Basten's hattrick against England or indeed his volley in the final against the USSR? This jersey evokes memories of players like Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard and Ronald Koeman. The design itself is classic 80's Adidas. A friend of mine once interviewed the great USSR defender Sergei Baltacha about life in the Soviet Union and at the end of the interview asked "In 1988 who was supposed to be marking Van Basten, you or Kusnetsov?" Apparently Baltacha smiled, shrugged his shoulders and "Kusnetsov". As far as the shirt design goes it's nice to see the old Adidas trefoil and the proper lion design on the badge.

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