TEAM New England Revolution SEASON(S) 2006
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Only in America! in most other countries revolutions are seen as uprisings or insurgencies but in America they are regarded with an almost sacred reverence, so long as it doesn't involve revolting against American authority. It says a lot that the guy who own the New England Revolution also owns the New England Patriots without any apparent sense of irony. The Revolution are positive aristocrats of the MLS having been in from the start and not having gone bust or moved the franchise elsewhere. The year they wore this shirt was one of their more successful ones seeing the Revs reach the MLS Cup Final. They should have been a good team that year as they had Andy Dorman in the squad and he was good enough to go onto play for the mighty St Mirren. It's a fairly standard Adidas shirt of the period and one of the last MLS shirts without sponsorship.

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