TEAM New York/New Jersey Metrostars SEASON(S) 2005
HOME/AWAY Home COUNTRY United States of America

Nothing lasts for ever or in the case of the MLS not much lasts more than a few years. This was the last NY/NJ Metrostars shirt before the Red Bull corporate take over and rebrand to New York Red Bulls. Back at the start of the MLS the Metrostars were one of the more glamorous franchises. They had a few of the US 1994 World Cup side as well as a peppering of stars like Roberto Donadoni and Youri Djorkaeff on the books as well as the great Lothar Mattheus in a brief cameo role which he seemed to regard as more of a holiday than a contract. The shirt is a standard Nike design of the time and a nice historical document reflecting a time when the MLS was more in line with other North American sports and didn't have shirt sponsors. 

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