TEAM New York Red Bulls SEASON(S) 2006
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Take a look at the shirt. Wow, right? Yeah, I know. Robert from Texas has sent me this a-ma-zing shirt. That's rob in the top right corner outside his beloved Boca Juniors' stadium. Red Bull bought out the floundering New York/ New Jersey Metrostars and rebranded them as they had done with Casino Salzburg in the company's home country of Austria. I'm led to believe that originally the team was to be named Red Bull New York (in the same way as RB Leipzig Red Bull Salzburg and Red Bull Brazil) but it was felt that this name would be too commercial. Too commercial? In the USA? Wonders will never cease. The shirt carries the name and number of Ukrainian born midfielder Dmytro Kovalenko who has knocked about MLS for almost his while career. Stunning shirt, well made, beautifully detailed and a much valued addition to the collection.

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