TEAM Newport AFC SEASON(S) 1996
MANUFACTURER Edwards Sports House

This one is a bit of an oddity. For a period in their recent history Newport County were unable to play in Newport itself and were known as the Exiles. Following Newport County's bankruptcy in 1989 the club reformed as Newport AFC but there was a legal challenge to them playing in the English league being a newly formed Welsh club so they played their home games in Gloucester.  Apparently the club were also in dispute with Newport council and refused to use the town crest as their badge. On this shirt the badge is a representation of Newport's transporter bridge. I'm no civil engineer but actually having seen the transporter bridge in Newport it looks more like a crane to me. The manufacturer on this shirt is "Edwards Sports House" which apparently was in fact a sports shop in Newport and not actually a manufacturer. Kudos to my better half Joanne for all her in depth knowledge of her hometown of Newport.

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