TEAM Olympique Lyonnais SEASON(S) 2012

Lyon are a club who seem to enjoy showing off the history of their city through their away kits. The 2010 away shirt was a homage to the Jacquard loom invented in the city and now this one is a tribute to the Lumiere brothers contribution to photography. In the optical theme this shirt is the first shirt with a 3D design on the shirt. What looks like a blurry, badly rendered chest design  comes to life through a pair of £D glasses. Maybe it's not the most practical gimmick but it's a nice collectors piece. The badge on the shirt also has a 3d effect with the lions in the background having a sense of depth due to the hologram printing. Credit is due to Adidas not only for the startling printing and design technology but also for the excellent quality packaging with the leather case that comes with this Techfit player issue shirt.

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