TEAM Parnahyba SEASON(S) late 2000s?

My good friend from Sao Paulo, Bira, has stated that he will try to help me find a shirt from every one of Brazil's 27 states (27 states! who knew?) and with this shirt he's helped me tick off one particularly obscure state at least from a footballing perspective. Parnahyba are from the town of Parnaiba on the north eastern coast of Brazil in Piaui state. The shirt is a nice bit of design work and the white stripes down the right hand side of the chest differentiate it from a standard blue shirt. I probably sound like a bit of an old curmudgeon but I think I'm within my rights to suggest that this shirt is verging towards maybe just a little too much sponsorship. Spozer deserve credit for a well made shirt especially given the relative obscurity of the club. 

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