TEAM Persitara Jakarta Utara SEASON(S) 2008

Wow, now that's a football shirt isn't it? I am eternally indebted to my friend from Jakarta, Didit, for this utterly fabulous shirt. Didit tells me that the blue and white colours represent the sea as Persitara's stadium is near the sea although given that Indonesia is a country of over 17500 islands I'd imagine everything is fairly near the sea. I assume the wave motif on the badge is also a maritime theme. The "Jaya Raya" motif in the middle of the badge is the crest of the city of Jakarta. This particular shirt is match worn by defender Joko Sugiarto and was sent to me complete with the shorts to match. It is a simply fabulous kit and one I am proud to add to the collection. I only hope Didit is as proud to see it in the hallowed halls of the museum.

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