TEAM Republic of Ireland SEASON(S) 2004
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I've always had a slightly difficult relationship with the Irish national team. That's not to say that I have any problem with Ireland or Irish people, far from it, I've just never been keen on their football team. It all stems from the team of multinational journeymen who were press ganged into Jack Charlton's side of the 80s and 90s. Apart from the fact they could beat Scotland they were frankly god-awful to watch, despite being effective. Don't even start me on the inexplicable outpouring of Irishness in the UK in 1994 when the Irish qualified for the World Cup and none of the UK home nations did. They were still awful to watch then and by that point ageing and were eventually put out of their misery by the Dutch. The Irish have for a long time seen fit to put sponsors on their national shirt replicas which is another reason I've never been keen on the shirts. That all being said this is a decent enough Umbro shirt with the Irish tricolour worked into the trim.

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