TEAM Rubin Kazan SEASON(S) 2007

My good friend Anton has supplied me with many excellent shirts from Russia but I think this one must be one of my favourites. In fact it's amongst the finest shirts in the whole collection. Rubin play in the city of Kazan in the exotic sounding republic of Tatarstan. Generally I'm not terribly impressed by Nike's design with the slight contrast in colours between the two halves of the shirt but this one is stunning. Obviously the club's griffin-like sponsor is very striking and the badge gives a nice flash of colour to brighten it up. The shirt carries the name and number of Uzbekistani forward Marat Bikmaev. Bikmaev was the focal point and star player of my back to back Russian league wins on Football Manager 2007 on the PC. As a result of this I wanted a Bikmaev shirt and I have to say that Anton came up trumps on this one. Quite simply a stunning shirt. Спасибо Антон!

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